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Transit Rider Rules

The BATS Transportation System is here to serve you our community. We do have some rules to abide by as any other provider does. These rules apply to everyone who rides the BATS Transportation System.

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Violence of Any kind will not be tolerated!

Violence of any kind directed at our drivers, or other passengers is strictly prohibited. Persons who commit violent or sexual acts on our buses will be promptly removed and disqualified from riding again.


No Shows / Failure to show up for ride.

Our drivers have a tight schedule to stick to, They do not have time to wait for you at a pick up or a drop off! Each 10 minute window must be booked,  they can arrive up to 5 minutes early and could be as much as 10 minutes late. We reserve this 15 minutes for traffic and weather related purposes. Our Drivers do not have time to wait more than 2 minutes to pick you up. If it is 5 minutes past your pick up window the driver will move on to the next rider and apply a no show to your account.  A rider who gets 3 or more no shows in a 30 day period will be disqualified from riding for 60 days. 


To Book or Cancel your ride.

To book a ride it's best to call or email at least 24 hours in advance. However if needed give us at least 2 hours in advance to find a time window for you. To Cancel a ride please provide an hour before your pick up time to allow for others to book the time slot. With the system getting busy some same day rides may not be available.  


Basic Common Sense.

Please wear your seatbelt at all times in the bus. Service Dogs are permissible on the bus. Household pets are permissible to ride to the vet provided they are in a crate or very well behaved on a leash. NO SMOKING, Use clean language on our buses. Please no open food or drinks on the bus.

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