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BATS Transit, School & Daycare ride Program 2024-25

Over the last year the Buffalo Area Transit System has had an increase in the volume of rides for those going to work, medical appointments, school, shopping and other activities. To ensure everyone has fair and easy access to our system, and to create a safe and more efficient program for our drivers. We are making some changes to the school & daycare rides to provide access to as many students as possible. Booking of student rides will be Month to Month to create less stress on our system and ensure prompt efficient service for the entire Buffalo Area community. 

Starting in August for the new school year BATS will be implementing a new Bus Pass Program. Each bus Pass provides a student with rides for school or Daycare, for the dates a parent requests. The student or child will be covered for the whole month with their Bus Pass. There will be no need to purchase bus tickets anymore, the pass will cover the whole month. The first pass will cover August & September combined; the September pass will cover the rides for the start of the school year. 

New September Bus Passes are available to purchase now in time to get ready for the new school year ahead. New Passes will be available in the middle of each month to give parents time to purchase and book the rides before the new month starts. 

How the School Bus Pass works. 

Each Bus Pass will cost $30.00 for the month. Passes must be purchased at the Buffalo Senior Center, and parents will also set up the bookings for the month at the time of purchase. This gives parents a chance to set the month up as they need, and customize it with days off for vacations or other activities etc. Proper scheduling will reduce the amount of no shows each month. 


  • Each Student Bus Pass will be $30.00

  • A new Student Bus Pass will be required each month. 

  • The BATS School Bus Pass covers kids for both school and Daycare. 

  • Each Pass covers the rides for 1 student for the indicated month. 

  • Student Bus Passes are only for the student who's name is indicated on the Pass, and are not transferable. 

  • BATS Bus Drivers will check for Passes on occasion, make sure your student knows where their pass is located. 

  • 3 No Shows in a row will result in a 30 day suspension of rides. 

  • Below is a sample of what the BATS School Bus Pass will look like. 

Helping Buffalo's kids have a safe and fun school year. 

We are here to serve our community and help as many as possible with transportation needs, if you have any questions or need help with booking a ride please call us at 307-684-9551

Leave us a comment or suggestion below, we look forward to serving you.

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